Recent Before & After Photos

Cutting Out Black Growth

Behind appliances can lurk many things, one in particular is microbial growth. Behind this fridge, there was a small unknown leak. The growth took over behind t... READ MORE

Water Damage from Freeze

The water heater can freeze and burst too! This particular home suffered from a wet subfloor. It continued through the hallway and in to a couple other rooms, b... READ MORE

Baseboard Mold

In this home, what was believed to just be growth behind baseboards has turned in to a little bit more.  The growth that started behind the baseboards spre... READ MORE

Subfloor Mold

Your Tuscaloosa home may suffer a slow leak that you may not notice until after some time. In this home, a slow leak started in the kitchen and cause microbial ... READ MORE

Commercial Sprinkler Systems

A commercial grade sprinkler system may help a business put out fires quickly before to much damage can happen, but what about the water damage that can be caus... READ MORE

Stuffed Animals Damaged by Fire

In many cases, family heirlooms can be damaged beyond repair in a home fire. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa uses a team of highly trained and experts in  textile re... READ MORE

Before and After Strip and Wax

When your commercial business's floors start looking dull and dirty, even after the daily routine maintenance, it is time to let SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa come... READ MORE

Cleaning Contents- Fire

In the event of a fire in your Tuscaloosa home, the cleaning can get overwhelming. Many times, homeowners do not realize the severity of the soot travel if it i... READ MORE

Leak in the Bathroom

This small leak in the cabinet of the bathroom caused heavy microbial growth. What many people do not know, is microbial growth, if untreated, can cause serious... READ MORE

Winter Storm causes Frozen Pipes

In 2015 , a massive snow storm in April caused many home owners to experience flooding inside their homes. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa was a part of many franchise te... READ MORE